Today we will learn how to download video from Facebook? I made very easy steps for you. Follow and go through the complete details. Seeing the complete steps you will be able to download any video from Facebook easily. I have break down in a simple way possible.

In our day to day life, we often come across many amazing and eye catching and sometimes useful videos. And we want to download that to our internal storage or to share with other. I have searched in Google lots of articles about How To Download Video From Facebook?. But unfortunately didn’t get a perfect and easy method or trick. Each and every day there are lots of viral videos which have a huge impressions across the platform. And sometime we want to download that viral or any useful one,

So I did lot of researched for you guys and to help you all to download the video. The method that I have mention is the safest way to download. No use of virus contain tools or any third part website.

Pictures can be saved easily directly from the Facebook application or the desktop mode, but not the videos. We can save it the Facebook account itself but not to our internal storage or memory.

Open your Facebook account

How To Download Video From Facebook

Once you open your Facebook account. Check all the old videos on your timeline or the ones that your friends have send you. You can also download the videos from any private or public groups or page. Please scroll to the video you want to download. Follow the second step to continue.

Find the video you wish to download

How To Download Video From Facebook

Usually when we login to Facebook account, we are redirected to the Home. It is the page on Facebook where you can see all the random pictures/video or and status. Now below steps are very important, go through it carefully. But don’t worry, I have briefly described every step broadly for better understanding.

How To Download Video From Facebook

You will see the red arrow in the above image which is pointing the three vertical dots. Click on there. A drop down menu will popup with 5 option. You need select the copy link option which is the second option. Follow the next steps to understand in clear way.

How To Download Video From Facebook

Once you select the second option which is copy link, the link of video will be copied. Now we have the to open a best and trusted website from where you can paste the copied video link and just simply download .

Go to downloading website

Click here to open the downloading website. The name of the website is getfbstuff. Once you click and it will open a page like that. Now we have to just paste the copied link of the Video. Then click on Download.

How To Download Video From Facebook

Select the video quality

How To Download Video From Facebook

Once you select the quality and it will start the download. All the steps are very easy. I will bring more easy tricks for your day to day life. You can visit my page and also support by sharing this. I guess now the big doubt how to download video from Facebook will be solve?

I hope you have now successfully downloaded the video and very happy right? If you require any additional help or if you are facing any kind of problem while downloading, reach to me. Contact

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