We will discuss today, how to share games on steam with friends and family. Also check the important steam account settings, needs to follow to share game library. Now there is different way to enable game sharing on Steam.

Check the latest 2020 ways to manage your steam account, steam family library . We will also see family view setting and also steam guard security settings. And by the end the main question how to share games on steam will be cleared.

What is Family Library Sharing

Family library sharing is a steam feature that help to share games with friends and family while keeping that account separate. Once you enable the settings you can play games, share you game with shared libraries.

Steam Guard Security

Before able to share your games or game library, you must enable steam guard security. Steam guard security is the second level of security applied to your steam account. This security do a third party verification like sending emails or a specified code when you login to your steam account from unauthorized device.

how to share games on steam

How to enable steam guard setting

By default steam guard setting is not enabled. Let see how to enable steam guard setting

Step 1: Login to your steam account

First, need to login to your steam account.

how to share games on steam

Step 2: Click on your username and than Account details

In steam client area, at the top right corner you will see your username, click on that and Account details will popup.

how to share games on steam

Step 3: Click on Manage Steam Guard

In Account details scroll down, and under Account security section. Click on manage steam guard to enable it.

how to share games on steam

Step 4: Select receive code by email

Out of two option, you can select any one. If you select email verification option, than while login you will receive steam guard code by email.

how to share games on steam

Now the steam guard is enable. Now we can enable the steam family library sharing feature.

How to enable Family Library Sharing

This is the most important steam account setting, that enable sharing games with friends and family. You can even share the online contents like Steam store, Friends, profile, chat and achievements. After following the steps, how to share games on steam question will be clear.

Step 1: Click on Manage Family View

Go to Account details. under Family setting. You will get manage family view.

how to share games on steam

Step 2: Select your what you want to share

You can choose all games or specified game in family view. And also from the Online contents, select what you want to share. Click on Next once done.

how to share games on steam

Step 3: Set your recovery email address

It is important to setup recovery email address, to share game with friends and family. After entering it, click on Next.

how to share games on steam

Step 4: Setup family view pin (4 digit)

Need to setup 4 digit security pin for family view, in order to keep safe your game library and online contents. Click Next.

how to share games on steam

Once you complete all the steps shown above, you will a message Family view is enabled. Now you are ready to share games on steam. And I hope you got the answer how to share games on steam. Share game or game library with friends and family on steam.

how to share games on steam

Benefits of Family sharing feature

Suppose your friend owns a game or buy the game, which you don’t have. You can play that game with any issue and test the game. You can check your friends or family members achievements and saving, all the game collection, online store and profile. Still have some doubt regarding the steam family sharing or how to share games on steam. Check out the FAQ below.

Can all Steam games be shared?

No, games like free to play and any purchased DLC may not supported on family view.

Is there any limitations to number of account, while sharing game library

Yes, Steam account library can b share up to 5 account and 10 device in 90 days.

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